We continue to expand our Primercatcher product line and it was a rather busy summer here and besides enjoying a few cigars and a drink on the deck, I was working on getting some additional presses covered!


Here on the right hand side are a few pictures of the new model for the RCBS Partner press - the final version is so fresh that the pictures here are just the prior model. The one that will ship is a little bit more curved, but otherwise works the same way. It slips on from the top and primers are being collected in the tube that connects on the right hand side.


The other picture here is of for catcher for the RCBS JR (Junior) press. This one is similar to the one we have for the RCBS Rock Chucker / Rock Chucker II, but there is an indent in the middle of the catcher to allow full handle operation and the primer drop tube is on the left, so it is not in the way... I don't have any photos of the JR one yet, but below is a design rendering of it!


dropper jr 201