We started the production of the latest batch of primer catchers just a few weeks ago and have a good number in stock right now.

Besides testing different colors, we also added a special order feature where you can add your name printed on the top of the catcher (it is raised about 2mm/0.08"). It looks really cool and gives the catcher the final touch, making it "truly yours". Let us know, if you would like to trade your non-personalized one (it is fine if it has been used, is dirty and scratched!) for one with the name on it - you ship us the old one back and we will get your personalized one printed for you. The cost including shipping is $7.50 and it will take a few days to have it manufactured. If you are interested in it, please send us an e-mail to info AT primercatcher.com.

Colors... we have tested pretty much every color that is available in ABS and PLA. ABS and PLA are the plastics that we use and the best looking ones are in dark green, light green and black. White looks neat, but gets quite dirty soon after they are in use. However, if you prefer a different color (red, blue, yellow, pink etc.), let us know and if that color is available, we will print one for you in your personal color. The up-charge for this is $5.00. If you let us pick the color, it will probably come in green, but there is no guarantee as we ship them based on what we have in stock at the time the order was placed (we guarantee, it will not be pink though!)